About Us

By Corey

Fata Morgana Studios is an indie game development group founded in 2013. It consists mainly of Corey J. Cannon and Lily Xavier with help from Meghan Taylor.

Corey J. Cannon is the main developer of Fata Morgana Studios. She is a 20-something year old former medical student and soon to be graduate student that isn’t content with all of her “free time” and plans on using it to make video games instead. When she’s not doing that, you can find her reading, writing, drawing, and geeking out over video games of all sorts.

Lily Xavier is a member of FM Studios and an engineer who moonlights as a freelance writer who dreams of one day being a freelance writer without a need to moonlight. She’s worked on a wide range of projects from SEO articles to technical manuals and she blogs at LilyXavier.com. When she isn’t working, Lily enjoys writing fiction and hopes to take a stab at being a published writer along with a game writer in the future.

Meghan Taylor is a member of FM Studios and in charge of artsy stuff. She is a slightly older 30ish year old who produces a weekly webcomic called The Prophecy of the Circle. She enjoys many of the same things Corey does, and is often writing on her novels when she isn’t busy painting her webcomic.