Fata Morgana

By Corey

So what is Fata Morgana about, anyway? It’s a cross between Harvest Moon, Pokemon, and a Final Fantasy game with a psychological horror twist to it. Your character is a monster breeder for the small village of Allendale, which is perched on the border between the warring nations of Kethera and Tyrugia. The Tyrugens have declared a Crusade by order of their four gods on the people of Kethera for being Transcendentalists, and therefore not having a god but more a philosophy. Your character breeds monsters for the soldiers for the war effort, and ventures out into the wilds to tame new monsters and create new breeding pairs. Your character begins to see things, small at first, until you begin to see actual dark beings manifesting in the woods, in town, even on your ranch. Not to mention the dark shadows on the horizon, and the cracks forming in your house…. Why are you, and no one else, seeing these things? What are they, anyway? Are you just crazy? You’ll see when the game comes out! XD

Among other things, one of the important aspects of the game is the ability to build up a relationship with one or more of the many townsfolk and start a family if you so desire. Yes, you read that right, polyamory will be an option, as some characters are polyamorous, some are bisexual, gay, straight, transgender, or asexual. You can play your character however you like, of course! With polyamorous families, if there is a male and female component to the group, then biological children will be an option. For gay couples, or couples that cannot have children (a trans male and a female, for example), then adoption is always an option as there are plenty of orphans from the war. 🙂 I’ve tried to make the game racially diverse as well, as Allendale is ruled by a POC, and there are many POCs in the town as both NPCs and romanceable partners. If I’m forgetting anything or being dense about an issue, feel free to point it out. I want this to be a game where everyone feels welcome to play, and no one feels left out. I want the game to be fun, with a good story to drive it, and enjoyable mechanics that provide a challenge but aren’t grindy either. It’ll be a tough balance to pull off, but with help from you guys I’m sure I can do it! Any input is ALWAYS welcome.