Some big changes

Posted: 2nd February 2015 by Corey in Uncategorized

Well, with a host of medical issues stacking up, having to temporarily drop out of med school (I am returning in March), and acquiring a roommate, things have been a bit crazy over here! That’s no excuse to leave you guys hanging, so here are some updates on what’s going on with our current projects:

+Fata Morgana+

This is being postponed until after med school, sometime in my residency or beyond, when I can afford to hire my sound guy full time as well as programmers, artists, etc.

+I Am Eden+

Well, I’ve been working out the kinks on working on this one with Meghan, and we seem to have come to a consensus on how we’re going to move forward with it. For now, though, we’re gaining more experience with branching storytelling through another work in progress…

+Final Fantasy VII: Emotional Crisis+

The newest addition to our in-development list! It is being built using the Ren’Py engine, and will be of the dating game/visual novel type games! We hope it will pay homage to one of the greatest game franchises of all time, the Final Fantasy series and particularly FFVII. We have the greatest respect for Square over here, and have been long time fans of the Final Fantasy series. We, of course, expect to make zero profit from the game and only wish it to be a tribute. And a lot of fun, of course! We encourage everyone to go out and buy the official FFVII game on Steam/PC, for the PS1, or when it comes out later this year for the PS4!